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Proof of Global Warming Fraud


Energy Misdefined
Mathematical proof that energy has been misdefined in physics. Physicists designed a definition of energy which erased some difficult questions which they could not answer.

Global Warming
Climatologists missed the dilution factor. There are 2,500 air molecules around each CO2 molecule, which means each CO2 molecule must be 2,500C to heat the air 1Can impossibility.

Science is Broken
Errors described in Big Bang, Relativity, Prions, ATP, Quantum Mechanics, etc.

Electronic Designs
Audio Amplifiers with Current Amplifier Outputs and Femto Capacitance Meter.

Morel Mushroom Research
The morel mushroom evolved from a single-celled yeast between 70 and 20 thousand years ago. Extreme biology and evolution are captured in photographs.


Today's temperature is  5.77λR2/dθ3T4,
becoming  λR/755·T/γ3θ  by tomorrow.

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Gary Novak
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Science Errors

How Incompetents Took
 Over Science and Left
Wreckage and Ruin


Science Errors

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